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Mosey Beat is a progressive funk rock band bringing high energy dance grooves, mellow waves, and rock and roll to create a new fusion of sound. The power trio was formed in 2012. Their original music has gained momentum in the NEPA area with their unique live show and improvised jams.
Consisting of Taylor O'Connor (guitar, vocals), Blair O'Connor (drums, vocals), and Tommy McGourty (bass), the band has a passion for creating original music and composing jams in real time. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of genres, Mosey Beat shows prowess and is not afraid to break the mold when it comes to their songs. Their ability to captivate an audience and read the energy in the room allows for a new live show every single night.

"Are they funk? Prog rock? Jam band? The answer is all of the above. (Trust me, that's a good thing.) Phillipsburg's Mosey Beat will have you moving, grooving and shaking your moneymaker in 60 seconds or less."
                                                                                                                                         - Dustin Schoof (Journalist)


Taylor O'Connor


March 13th 1991, Taylor was born a natural wordsmith and is a self taught guitarist. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has been developing his voice and lyrical content all the while writing and performing for over two decades. Taylor's sound has developed into a rock and roll lead while retaining the warm and mellow styles of his acoustic background, lending to a truly unique approach on the guitar that is capable of blending genres and pushing boundaries.


Blair O'Connor


Born November 14th 1992, Blair was brought into this world with a purpose that could only be fulfilled with rhythm. After being so involved with drumming in high school marching band, he knew he had found his life long passion playing in Mosey Beat. Becoming proficient on the drum kit, he has incorporated the skills he learned along the way developing a style that gives way to infectious grooves.


Tommy McGourty


Thrusted into the world on July 24th, 1998, Tom was greatly unaware of the affect that music would have on his future. Beginning in high school, Tom hit the ground running when he picked up the guitar and fell in love with the heavy sounds and raw energy of grunge and punk rock music, naturally progressing to his current love of jazz, bluegrass, fusion, and funk. With a near degree in music education and lust for live music, Tom’s goals are to have fun improvising with likeminded musicians and share his passion with whoever will hear it.

Photography: Derick Fiedler
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